Preschool Marketing Strategies that can set you apart from others

Below are 5 preschool marketing tips your center can implement to boost awareness and enrollment, and differentiate yourself from the other centers in your area:

  1. Host an Event

Invite the public to participate in activity hosted at your center. Whether you host a pajama party, art day, carnival or storytelling workshop, your event offers the public a low-pressure way to get to know your center while spending quality time with their family. Make sure you have plenty of business cards, flyers and registration forms available should parents express interest. Ask that all guests sign in with their name and email address so you can follow up after the event. My Montessori helps you to organize professionally managed events on weekends when your premises are free.

  1. Build Your Reputation on Social Media

Another effective preschool marketing tactic is to be active on the social networks that reach parents. In their research, parents will carefully research your facility and search for reviews so they can feel more comfortable leaving their children at your centre. Embrace social media marketing by participating in conversations online, responding to reviews and regularly posting on your profiles. Show potential new customers why your preschool or daycare center is right for their child by promoting your values on social media. My Montessori offers you a host of web development, social media and digital marketing services that helps you boost your presence on web.

  1. Get Parents to Spread the Word

Happy parents will always be one of the most effective methods of child care marketing. Word of mouth can do wonders for your enrollment, so why not get them done instantly? My Montessori offers you a great tool to get parents to spread the word about how wonderful your preschool is center is. To encourage word of mouth marketing, we have designed exclusive platform for parents where they can rate a school categorically on a 5 point scale and you can instantly share it with potential customers. Engaged parents are happy parents!

  1. Use a Toddler Care Portal

Integrating technology into your facility is a highly effective child care marketing strategy that will set you apart from the rest. Offering a platform like My Montessori for communication, reporting and news updates gives your center a distinct advantage. Giving parents the opportunity to know what’s happening when their away gives them peace of mind, and could be the reason they choose to enroll at your center vs. a competitor.

  1. Offer a Virtual Tour:

Going digital is the need of an hour. Parents do extensive research before they plan a visit to a school. So why offer them a virtual tour of your centre to entice them to land up to your playschool.  My Montessori helps you design incredible videos highlighting the features and activities of your preschool and day care centre.


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