In my career as an Educator, I have observed behavioral patterns of many Children. Every child has unique logical and thinking skills. As an Educator or parent we can help children to develop those in a positive way. The skill development starts from the early age, when child starts evaluating their environment and observes the new things happening around. Some things they acquire from their family or other people surrounding them. A child always wants to do things on his own and wants to see results. They follow simple technique of practicing and learning.

At times, unintentionally as an adult we discourage them from creating things which we term as mess but from that mess itself children learn valuable lessons. As an adult we have to ensure that they should be safe.

Generally we have a habit of correcting children quite often in front of friends which creates hindrance in their learning process. The children should be allowed to explore and understand. We can correct them by guiding and helping them to understand it in a better way rather than discouraging them. This creates confusion in their mind and sometimes it inculcates fear of exploring further.

Scolding children every time is also one of the major hindrances in developing Independent behavior among them. For children to become independent and logical thinkers, one should correct them with the way they perform specific tasks and encourage them once they implement the same.

This will help them to become curious and explore more. Giving appropriate answers to their questions also plays an important role in their skill development. Whenever children ask questions out of curiosity, we should provide correct information to them by explaining the scenario.

Sharing stories from your own childhood helps them to relate their vision to yours and develop cordial relations. We should not only share our success stories but our failed attempts with them as they are even more important to share for overall grooming. It helps them to overcome their own fears and reduce frustration levels for both children and parents.

Listening to their small concerns bridges the communication gap between parents and children. These concerns may appear petty to us but they are important for them.  If we ignore their concerns and don’t bother to listen them attentively, then slowly and steadily they stop sharing. Giving priority to children over the gadgets is mandatory.

While handling children, simple things are important in their upbringing. Small behavioral changes results in making better human beings.

– Nidhi Singh Sood


Developing Logical Skills among Toddlers

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  • June 5, 2018 at 1:15 pm

    Each word is so right. Well said. Agree on each point.


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