Pencil Grip is one of the most impactful & hard to re-teach if kids learn it incorrectly in the tender years of their life. Once the child has developed the hand strength and control to draw lines and simple shapes like a cross and a circle, he’s ready to start learning letters. There are advance learning techniques to develop fine motor skills among kids.

Considering this we have organized a workshop on fine motor development exclusively for parents of toddlers and preschool teachers

The following topics will be covered in the workshop

1. Gross motor & fine motor development.

2. Different types of grips.

3. Practical ways to correct the grips.

4. Right time to introduce a pencil.

5. Readiness of the child / Pre writing skills

Our instructor is a special educator since 2006. She has taught children with autism, mental retardation and dyslexia. She is also a Graphologist / handwriting and signature expert and her articles are regularly published in leading dailies.

As our instructor has helped many moms and teachers to deal with hyperactive kids we thought of touching this sensitive topic during the seminar. She will also cover the burning issue of handling hyperactive children in school & at home.

Timings: 2:00 to 4:30

Date: 24th March, 2018

Venue: Kidsville, Naranpura – Pragatinagar

Registration Charges: Rs.500/- (Including Material and handouts)

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Fine Motor Skills & Handling Hyperactive Kids

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