In the era of technology and world surrounded by gadgets we “newly parents” should be very conscious about upbringing we are giving to our children. Most likely child or I should say for now one child is enough policy works. Here comes the real problem our child needs someone to play with, which nowadays being replaced with something for instance Mobiles or iPad or tablet.

Here we as mommies need to be extra careful as either working mom or stay home mumma being a #Mother only increases our responsibility. It’s only us, let me say parents as we try to substitute our time with gadgets which gives us a little me time but with headache for life time.

Believe me, our children are growing up seeing us upon mobile whole day even at bed too which leads them to do the same in advance upgrading with their times. This leading them moving towards aggression, depression, detachment and most importantly making them unable to connect personally in society. He or she might be having thousands of friends virtually but may not be able to connect with anyone personally or “Really”.

I strongly believe in giving my child some #Quality time instead of quantity time or replacing it with gadgets. The most adverse effect of increased number of screen hours is aggressive behavior. Either a six month old or a sixteen you try taking away the gadget literally and be ready for truly unbelievable outcome which can be very mild to extremely out of control.

After moving their world, how to counter it and what are the ways to prevent at least ourselves from it. Here are some ways you can give a try at least.

  1. Wait a moment for a while and give a second thought before you give your child a gadget. Is it really necessary to give the gadget right now at this moment?? Isn’t there any other alternative to substitute gadget??
  2. If it is really giving moment then restrict the screen time exposed to eyes in their own hands. Extremely important to stay firm in the limit which u have set for child reasonably enough though. Once forgiven will be taken for granted and this should be practiced in early stage even before your child turns one. Or for teens it should be restricted, be it study time or lunch or dinner time should be no mobile or television which should be followed by most likely each member of family.
  3. Last but not the least also important and toughest part of the whole taking gadgets back from child process, I know sounds only horrible but you have to do it not only for your child but your sake too. Stay firm upon the given time limit and stick to it affirmatively. Don’t get angry or upset by child’s reaction or refusal. Stay calm and firm. Try to divert him or her first even though it may not be in your favor just spare a moment , take a deep breathe , look in his or her eyes and speak firmly also very important maintain physical touch with your child at the same time believe me it will just take few seconds but will work for sure.
  4. Now what?? The emptiness in a child’s mind will again create a desire for gadget which keeps his three senses busy at the same time eyes, hands, and ears and of course brain. So make sure before you take away the gadget they have something physical to do with or play with. Once the habit is formed and your self-control over the situation which leads you to substitute your time with gadgets will work for sure.

This is an absolute need of the time n should be done as soon as possible otherwise we only will have to pay back resulting in as I said earlier aggression or depression which we will discuss next time. Good luck parents.

– Aditi Bhatt

Go Back Or Pay Back

4 thoughts on “Go Back Or Pay Back

  • March 16, 2018 at 6:20 pm

    Aditi, this is a fantastic article and very well wecome advice for all parents and enders. But this is mainly for kids below certain age, may be till around 5-6 years.. and the moment it’s a habit to them, easy for them not using screen/gadgets. Kids above 16 should also be restricted but need to ask them tactfully. Also needs to encourage them to play more outside games, which we were playing…. But overall very meaningful article… Keep it up…..

  • March 16, 2018 at 11:54 pm

    Very clear idea abput what needs to be done and its surely needed thing in thos era. I personally do believe in limiting exposure of the gadget use to child. Accoding to me.The main barrier of a parent in this control is lack of patience and self control.
    Really good article and good thoughts to be implemented in real life.

  • March 17, 2018 at 2:55 pm

    Very well penned down… Involvement of parents have decreased and so this u a problem. How do we involve after some time like what activities is a question to me.?

  • March 17, 2018 at 5:10 pm

    Aditi, Excellent writing skill & your article title is also perfect & meaning full…
    For this idea we as parent have to control ourselves on usage of latest gadget.
    we have to plan get to gathering with family & friends.


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