Rape is the utmost heinous crime and defining adequate punishment is almost impossible. ‘When we talk about rape we feel the jitters. Don’t even try imagining what pain and agony the victim must be going through. In 80% of the cases, the victim dies; but try focusing on the remaining 20% in a country being a rape victim is considered to be a crime. Definitely, there is more problem with us than with the rapist.

Nirbhaya case literally haunted me for many months. It’s a fact that I got sleepless nights, it felt, as she was crying for justice. What happened with her was the biggest nightmare for any female on this planet. What was her fault? She boarded a Private Bus. Did she had the slightest of idea that she will get raped and killed? Why the rape cases in India have increased?

The best part of our country is that whenever any rape happens we try to find our benefits. What benefit we can get out of it? Stunned to hear this, same happens with me when I go through our so called news channel or so called newspaper. We love to play blame game. That’s the best thing we can do in order to hide out in capabilities. It becomes a political issue if it gets highlighted, ruling party gets the blame. OR we play communal game, but we never try to understand the pain and the agony of the victim and their family. We are busy doing Candle March, writing slogans but does our voice reach to the right authority?

Recently I am following Kathua case, Ashifa a 8year old girl. What was that poor girl fault? She was helping her family, she went for grazing. Little did she know that she would get raped and killed so mercilessly? It is so horrifying and unimaginable, those people have gone to such lower level that they are not leaving kids also. Their sex drive has taken over them, that they didn’t even realised that she has not even reached the age of puberty. The worst part is that this criminals continued the heinous crime for 8 days, they didn’t even realised that she is a small girl, and above all killed her and threw her away. Has she been their daughter, sister, sister in law, would they have done the same thing. Why can’t you look at others daughters, sisters, wives, daughter in laws with respect?

We say that law has changed? The rape victim can kill the person who tries to attempt rape or tries to molest the female. But what will you say when it’s a small girl, does she knows how to defend herself, she is just growing and trying to adjust with new changes in her body and there comes the most horrifying incident in her life.

Why rapist are moving freely in our country? Answer is very simple, because they know that our law and order will not harm them much. It will take ages for the victim’s family to prove that someone is a rapist. Above that most of the families doesn’t lodge complaints because of our so called progressive society. And of course to avoid this kind of questionnaire a victim has to face in case if she is alive.

After coming across so many dreadful cases, why can’t we change the law? Why can’t we have fast track hearing in such cases? Why can’t we have a death penalty? They should be hanged till death in public, by throwing stones on them. It should be such a punishment that no one would dare to even attempt this crime. We need a change, but change should come from within.

Mothers let’s take the task in our hands, lets train our daughter for self-defence right from the tender age of 3. Let’s teach our sons to respect woman, which includes the woman around the world. Let’s teach them also self-defence to protect their sisters, daughters, mothers, daughter in law etc. Let’s teach them to raise voice against injustice and not to keep their mouth shut if they smell something fishy. Help the woman around. She deserves to move freely.

-Kinjal Nirav Shah

Kathua reverberates Nirbhaya

2 thoughts on “Kathua reverberates Nirbhaya

  • April 26, 2018 at 7:54 am

    Yes. Society, we people should pay serious attention for such disgusting incidences. Our laws should b so strict nobody should even dare to think.

    • April 26, 2018 at 1:52 pm

      Rightly said. Its need of the hour


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