Bringing Back 80s Memories

Kancha Klub is an endeavor to revive our heritage of outdoor games that are on the brink of extinction. It is an initiative by Montessori to help our children explore the treasure of Indian games that kept our galis and aangans most happening in 80s.


Reviving Timeless Indian Games among Next Generation

कंचे' 'गिल्ली' 'छुपम छुपाई' बनना छुक छुक रेल, 'रस्सी - कस' 'लँगड़ी पव्वा' के बचपन के थे खेल।
दिन भर पहिया खूब घुमाना ले हाथों में तार, 'चोर सिपाही' बन खाते थे आपस में ही मार।
इन खेलों से बढ़ जाता था आपस में भी मेल,
घर के बाहर खेलें बच्चे कुछ तो समय जरूर,
खुली हवा का जिससे उनको लाभ मिले भरपूर।

About Us

Embracing Outdoor Indian Games

KanchaKlub is an initiative aimed at creating playtime memories that are forgotten in the modern lifestyle in the midst of television & smart phones. 80’s generation could remember their childhood, evenings that were filled with fun when we played games like chupam chupai, kho-kho, marpeet and pithu.

Do we remember attending any activity classes? Yet our childhood was beautiful it was memorable. We were full of enthusiasm, close to nature playing kancha in the mud, falling often getting up and again start running. We fought, we cried, we made teams and we laughed together.

Program Highlights

Carefree Days are Back

Weekend Activities
Children between 3 to 13 years of age will join us every weekend for one month in each area of Ahmedabad to play timeless Indian Outdoor Games like chupam chupai, pithu, stapoo, chain, kanche and pakdam pakdai to name afew.
Activities for all Age

Every Saturday & Sunday evening kids will gather at a centre that is spacious and nestled amidst lush green surroundings. Different activities are planned for all age groups.

Snacks & Health Drinks
Kids will learn to enjoy traditional healthy snacks and health drinks. Light Snacks & Health Drinks (Traditional) will be served to kids after the play time.