School name

Nurture Preschool




29/30, Arihant Bungalows, South Bopal Ahmedabad, India 380058

Teaching Method

Montessori Method

Age group

2-3, 3-4, 4-6


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Nurture Preschool

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School Long Description

Children are our dearest and most valuable resource. Every child is a potential genius and their best asset is that they live up to what we believe of them. Nothing can do more wonders for them than a strong foundation.
Security, love and guidance is the basic right of every child. Alas! It is a right denied unknowingly and sometimes consciously by the very adults who are their caretakers at home and in school.
If we can find anything dysfunctional in our lives, guaranteed we can trace it to some unresolved distress in childhood resulting in a lifetime of emotional turmoil, confusion and grievance. Although we are unconscious of it, this turbulence is the undisputed root of conflict in our personal lives and a block in professional success.
The right education is the answer but sadly schools today are mostly are about literacy. And ironically the ones who teach (parents and teachers) need to be educated as much as the child does.
Earlyroots is my way of setting right all that I see wrong. I seek to share my light with each one, child and adult, through multiple initiatives.

Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Workshops for 04 years to 10 years.
Stranger- Danger Workshops for children between 02years to 04 years
Self Enrichment Programs.