For each child ,his parents are the most precious, but to a girl maybe a little more because she knows what it feels like to be away from them and not having them by her side ,when she needs them very badly. Also it is human tendency to value people amd things only when they are not there. Hence , this poem i dedicate to my lovely parents whom i love to d moon and back !! Thank you for being there always and giving me all that you could always. I owe every bit of me to you both.

ईश्वर के हे रूप अनेक

माता पिता हे उन्मे से एक

ऊँगली पकड़कर चलना सिखाया

रातें जागकर हमें सुलाया

अरमानो को अपने भुलाकर हमारे एक हर ख़्वाब को सजाया

पढ़ाया लिखाया क़ाबिल बनाया

ज़िंदगी जीने का सलीक़ा सिखाया

कभी डाँटा तो कभी प्यार से समझाया

हर बुरायी से हमें बचाया

दूर रहकर आज उनसे जब भी मन उदास हो जाता हे

फिरसे बच्चा बन्ने को जी चाहता हे

माँ की गोद में सर रखकर सोना चाहता हे

पापा की ऊँगली पकड़कर जिद्द करना चाहता हे

फिरसे बचपन के हर एक पल को जीना चाहता हे

जब जब वो बचपन याद आता हे,

मान आदर से व सर कृतज्ञता से झुक जाता हे

We all tend to take the people we love for granted many a times and realise their value only after we depart from them or they are gone forever. So love your near and dear ones untill they are with you, specially your parents.The selfless love that they give can never be given by anyone else. They are with us no matter what and support us unconditionally unlike others. We all hurt them by our words or actions many a times but Only they have a heart to forgive us and love us again like nothing ever happened.

They sacrifice their biggest dreams just to fulfill our minutest wishes. They do enough for us to be indebted to them forever!! We can never thank them enough for what they do for us . The moments gone or wasted can never come back, so live every moment and love them as much as you can coz they wont be there forever !!

– Reetika Gadia Jalan


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