In the middle of the night the yells of her 3 year old woke up Neha. His hand had a red mark possibly from an insect bite. She was numb and didn’t know what to do. Raghav was out of town and waking up neighbours for such a trivial issue would certainly invite their ire . Without a second thought she called up her friend Gouri. Although they were not best of buddies, Gouri was a helpful lady who seemed to have a solution for every problem. They were part of a mothers’ whatsapp group of her child’s kindergarten.

Tanya was searching for a good summer camp for her son during vacations. Here again the group of moms of her son’s playschool had guided her .

The Kids groups are the new age support system for Mothers. Mothers, through groups formed for kids are able to interact with like minded parents like never before.
These groups are a powerhouse of knowledge with moms sharing valuable information about kids food habits ,health issues and parenting tips . The benefits of such groups are:

1.They come in handy at times when you are busy in work and cannot even take the time out for a
Google search. Moreover a search necessarily doesn’t provide authentic information.
2. For women or new mothers who are far away from their families these groups act as a second
3. Women take time out to chat and unwind from the mundane schedules of home or during an
office break.
4.They share their experiences as well as struggles with fellow moms which is a great stress buster.
The downside of these groups include over Indulgence and anxiety and sometimes information

However these groups have improved connectivity and made life easier .

Let’s make the best use of the support system bestowed on us by technology and create a better world for our future generations.


The New Age Support System

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