Devoting time to the child is very important. It works differently with different kids, but quality time always does wonders.  It’s very difficult to spend more time in today’s world where you are balancing your personal life, professional life, & social life altogether. It’s even more challenging with more than one kid as each one has different needs and they want your attention. But you can make it simple by lying down on the bed and have a healthy conversation. Make sure you listen more, listen to all those little things that your child wants to tell you, no matter how stupid it sounds to you, but for them it’s big! Respect them, and understand what they are trying to say.

Respect their thoughts. The small things when they are small and the big things when they grow up. Avoid cutting them off even if they repeat the story. Always listen to kids -that will encourage kids to listen and obey you. They will respect your words. If you have more than one kid, you can allocate different days for different child or can split it among your spouse – as this will give balance to your parenting and each child will feel special.

Bedtime is always special and you can use this time to get to know your child better and understand him. You can pray or meditate together. You can bond in better by cuddling and snuggle with them, while learning new things, reading stories, knowing each other’s opinions. Anytime spend with your child with undivided attention will create a memory for the child, a healthy relationship and impression of importance in your child’s heart.

– Stalwart Minds, Sejal Parikh



The Bed Element

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