We are the mothers, shaping up the new generation….inculcating the values, attitude and morals in the new generation, it’s our responsibility to teach our children that both the genders are different but have equal rights, god has made them different but their purpose is same, their values are same, when god has given them equal right to exist and same opportunities to use the resources then – who are we humans to bring differences.

We have defined the jobs and responsibilities for our convenience but now it has become a compulsion…. we all can eat then why can’t we all cook, we all live then why we all can’t clean. It’s a social necessities now for moms to be more aware and take up the responsibility to groom the kids to make world a better place to live….a world with true equality….teach our boys & girls to cook and clean together… Make them aware about the importance of sharing household work, responsibilities and at the same time also make them learn that no work is defined for any particular gender.

– Stalwart Minds, Sejal Parikh

The Fog of Equality

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