First day of school– all the parents out here will associate with this feeling of sending a piece of your heart aka your munchkin to the school for the first time. Suddenly we find ourselves in the shoes of our parents who must have gone through this tough time. Now I understand the significance of the long kiss on my forehead by my mom. I might have gone overboard but yes It’s a irrevocable truth. Each and every child is precious and close to the heart of its parents. Its hard to Send this previous gift of God away from you for a few hrs though… the first day of school of our child becomes one of the most important days of your life.

The child enjoys all the extra attention of the parents on that day and leaves no stone unturned to get its demands fulfilled. Honestly speaking I was going through a tsunami of emotions- curious, excited, worried and sad all at the same time.

Let me elaborate the night before the first day. Myself and my husband were supposed to go to school with my daughter but due to some urgent work he had to go out of town. We both spend the night chatting about the next day and believe me it gave immense pleasure as we talked like a couple after long time, owing to our hectic schedules. I was also missing my mom and could visualize her feelings on my wedding day. Feelings were same. Didn’t want my child to go out of sight but to send her was as much important.

Woke up before the alarm, got my daughter ready early and visited temple to pray for her well being. Leaving her hand and saying goodbye was the toughest part. she on the other hand was happy and went inside holding her teachers hand. I must say I was amongst the lucky few. There were other kids who were refusing to leave their mother’s side and the saddest part was the parents were teary eyed too. My eyes moistened. As I walked back after clicking a few pics on my phone I realised a piece of my heart will beat outside from now on. But I convinced myself that my child has to create a new world for herself all on her own and I should accept that fact as early as possible.

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– Aditi Bhatt

From today onwards a piece of my heart will beat outside

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