Hey mommies, vacation is just begun and we are literally going mad after what to do and what to not??!!! Honestly we accept it or not we are all running a mad race, to make our child “The Best” in everything which is by enlarge not possible. Practically our child will not become a 100% package.

Scientifically a child’s brain develops the best in the age of 1 to 5, these are and they should be the best years of a child’s childhood where he or she can attain maximum level of understanding and seeing the world. Here I am talking about the “real” world consists of pollution, politics, poverty and list goes on. We as new age parents blindly follow developed countries where there is unbelievably lowest number of all “P” I mentioned above. But practically it’s not in our favor or not so good for them.

Basically I am trying to say let your child be a free Bird…

Yes you will have thousands of excuses and explanations to prove me wrong but let me tell you the truth , bitter truth rather. According to a research in America children of their countries have very low immunity which leads them to fall sick easily both mentally and physically. Talking about my experience from the day I let my child play in mud and sand and with pets including stray dogs my child’s physical immunity has definitely boosted not only that but she is also developing by learning through some good experiences as well.

I believe in just giving our child some free hours a day at least in vacation so that he or she can develop cognitively. I am not against of activity classes or hobbies and workshops but after that also let him or her play at their own wish.

Very basic and simple tips for this just “WATCH YOUR CHILD”

  • Just take her to a garden, river side, or to zoo mainly to the places close to nature and just let him go and play on his own. You keep an eye without instructing anything. Strictly no mobiles with you possibly.
  • Just observe your child and give a smile every time she or he looks at you this will improve her confidence very much and thus his or her true potential will come out naturally. Believe me it is very important to spend truly quality time with your child, if not every day at least twice a week. It is also very important to build a close communicative relationship between parents n children. I know initially it will be very tough from snatching time which looks unproductive at first but that’s the real thing we should do. Although keep certain rules like taking safety concerns but practically possible and not so strict. Cleanliness afterwards the play time is over most recommended thing is a warm bath.
  • This will also improve appetite in excellent way as physical activities leads a child to eat after such cheerful hours. There are innumerable advantages of this which will make great impact in development of personality. But you parents will only have to stop n let your child do whatever she or he indulges with Mother Nature and see the difference.

– Aditi Bhatt

A unique way to spend Summer Vacation

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