Preschools start accepting admissions of kids at the age of 2 years or in some cases even less. But that is not the criteria to begin preschool for every child. Each child is unique and so are their needs. You need to carefully identify your child’s social, emotional, physical, and cognitive readiness to participate in a daily activities. The best way to identify your child’s readiness for preschool is to spend time thinking about your child and to talk to other people who know him well, such as your partner, your child’s doctor, and your child’s caregiver.

Let’s get insights into each stage of early education. We’ll go through the process from basics, when you should get started or start thinking about your child’s education.

Early Education categories

Early Pre-school

12 to 18 months old


2 to 3 years


These are the most common preschool programmes offered by various schools in Ahmedabad:

Early Pre-school: Early pre-school, education is categorized by Mom and Me (MnM) Programs and Minis for 18 to 30 month old toddlers. However you may even opt for Pre-schools that offer courses for toddlers in the age group of 24 months (2 years).

Pre-School: These are playgroups offering a wide variety of programs using different methods of teaching like Montessori, quad seek, etc. Fees structure may vary according to different schools but they have a highly competitive curriculum so you may have to choose wisely. By and large these schools aim at grooming the toddlers for them to feel comfortable and acquainted in kindergarten and grade schools.

Nursery: Learning is fun here. Plethora of activities is designed to make learning more cheerful experience. Your child is now ready to read, identify and communicate. Kids learn numbers, explore science, express art & craft, rhymes and jingles, and most importantly moral education. Essentially a year with slightly gentler curriculum than the KG classes. Parents can continue with the preschool or choose a different private school that may provide K-12 education with kindergarten.

What is the right age to begin Preschool for the toddler?

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